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ETR110 Exhaust Temperature Profiling Kit MadgetechETR110 ETR110 Exhaust Temperature Profiling Kit308,75 € Buy Now

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1 x Motion110 Motion Recorder
1 x Izothermal transport box EPS25L
1 x DHS Dry Heat Sterilization Data Logging System
1 x Initial transport bag 20L
1 x EU 1169/2011
1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP Temperature Probe Sensor Data Logger
2 x ETR110 Exhaust Temperature Profiling Kit
1 x Wind101A Wind Speed Recording System
1 x EL-USB-2 USB datalogger for temperature, humidity and dewpoint
1 x Calibration report
1 x OctRTDV2 8 Channel Thermocouple based Temperature Recorder
1 x TSI 9545 anemometer
1 x Magic Sphere Discover with LED Air Purifier
1 x OctTempV2 8 Channel Thermocouple based Temperature Recorder
2 x Poseidon model 2250 Tset
1 x TR-74Ui Datalogger For Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light, Temperatu
1 x Vertical Babychanger
1 x Initial transport bag 2L with gel packs
1 x Work Tent 300 KE
1 x Moisture Gigamodul
2 x EL-WiFi-Alert Sensor Monitoring System
1 x Surface External Temperature Sensor 6 m
1 x Work Tent 180X250 KE
1 x RTR-505-V Wireless Compact Waterproof Puklse and Contact Signal
1 x RHTemp1000-SS Rugged, temperature and humidity recorder, stainle
1 x OctState 8 channel state recorder
1 x RHTemp1000IS Data Logger EtO Sterilization
1 x ThermoTrack WEBSERVE 21 CFR Part 11
1 x IFC200 USB Interface Cable and Software - Plug and play
1 x RFRTDTemp2000A Wireless Temperature Data Logger
2 x RTR-300 Wireless USB Dongle log-EZ
2 x ThermoTrack CINCO V8 up to 5 buttons 21 CFR Part 11
1 x EL-WiFi-TP+G High Accuracy WiFi Data Thermistor Glycol Probe
1 x Low Temperature External Sensor 1,5 m
1 x Thermometer with sonde TT-200
1 x H-button 23
1 x BZ05 Indoor Thermohygrometer
2 x RH probe for Sensor Net Connect
3 x Digital Temperature sensor for Sensor Net Connect
1 x RTDS-4-3/16-6-36
1 x RFC1000-CE Cloud Relay Wireless Transciever
1 x EL-MOTE-TP Wireless Thermistor Data Logger
1 x HWg-STE 2 WiFi or Ethernet thermometer and humidity
1 x SENZOR NET CONNECT EN 12830, 21 CFR Part 11
1 x EL-WiFi-TP Temperature Probe Sensor Data Logger
1 x Key fobe
1 x RTR-547 Wireless Compact Waterproof Temperature, RH, Illuminance
1 x EL-MOTE-TP+ Wireless High Accuracy T with Thermistor Probe
1 x PT Temperature sensor for Sensor Net Connect
2 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP+G High Accuracy WiFi Data Thermistor Glycol Pr
2 x EL-MOTE-DTP Dual Channel Wireless Thermistor Data Logger
1 x EL-MOTE-TH TWireless Temperature Data Logger
2 x EL-MOTE-TH+ High Accuracy Wireless Temp & RH Data Logger
1 x T-button 22L EN 12830 + calibration certificate
1 x RTDSMS-4-3/16-6-36
1 x EL-USB-4 4-20mA Current Loop USB datalogger
1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP+ Temperature Probe Sensor Data Logger
1 x Initial transport bag 40L
1 x PVC card for buttons
1 x Medical refrigerator MKUv 1613
1 x RHTemp1000 Rugged, temperature and humidity recorder, aluminum c
1 x RTR-322 & 300 - Thermo hygro Recorder log-EZ + Wireless Dongle
1 x Bridge120 20Hz Bridge/Strain Recorder
1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensor Data Logger
1 x QuadThermoVault 4 Channel Oven Profiling Temperature Recorder
1 x EL-MOTE-T+ High Accuracy Wireless Temperature Data Logger
2 x BC05 Thermohygrometer
1 x Accident protection barrier
1 x EL-21CFR-2-LCD 21CFR Compatible Temperature Datalogger
1 x Thermometer with sonde ME216
1 x Memory 64.000 points
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