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ScanntronikSCANH Hygrofox Datalogger215,29 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTFU Thermofox Univerzal Datalogger200,08 € Buy Now
ScanntronikSCANHPRO Hygrofox PRO Datalogger384,46 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTFPRO Thermofox PRO Datalogger302,56 € Buy Now
ScanntronikMINIHSCAN Hygrofox Mini199,92 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTFMULTI Thermofox multi-senzor Datalogger323,30 € Buy Now
ScanntronikMATGIGAS Moisture Gigamodul435,71 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTRHSCANN Temperature and RH Sensor215,29 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTEMS Thermoelement Multisensor Datalogger406,26 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTFMAXI Thermofox Maxi Datalogger146,40 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTFMINI Thermofox Mini Datalogger97,60 € Buy Now
ScanntronikTFUMINI Thermofox ultra mini Datalogger163,48 € Buy Now
ScanntronikSoftFOX SoftFOX Software for Scanntronik loggers85,40 € Buy Now
ScanntronikNTCS External temperature sensor 1,5m20,51 € Buy Now
ScanntronikNTCS3 External temperature sensor 3 m25,63 € Buy Now
ScanntronikNTCS6 External temperature sensor 6 m30,76 € Buy Now
ScanntronikNTCS10 External temperature sensor 10 m35,88 € Buy Now
ScanntronikNTCS15 External temperature sensor 15 m41,00 € Buy Now
ScanntronikNTCS-80 Low Temperature External Sensor 1,5 m46,14 € Buy Now
ScanntronikNTCSC Core Sensor76,90 € Buy Now

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1 x TR-72nw-H Wired LAN Temperature and Humidity datalogger
2 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP Temperature Probe Sensor Data Logger
2 x ThermoTrack CINCO V8 up to 5 buttons 21 CFR Part 11
2 x EL-21CFR-2-LCD EasyLog 21CFR Compatible Temperature, Humidity &
1 x EL-GFX-2 Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger with Grap
1 x Soap for Automatic Soap Dispenser
1 x Temperature/humidity meter GFTH 200
1 x EL-WiFi-TH Temperature Sensor Data Logger
1 x TR-76Ui Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Datalogger
1 x EggTemp Temperature Data Logger
1 x EL-USB-CO300 Carbon Monoxide datalogger
2 x Oxybaby 6.0 oxygen measuring device
1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensor Data Logger
1 x Infant Safety Seat
1 x EL-WiFi-DTC Dual Thermocouple WiFi Temperature Data Logger
1 x T-button 22E
2 x pHTemp101 pH and temperature recorder
1 x BC05 Thermohygrometer
1 x Poseidon 3468
1 x BP21 infrared thermometer / pyrometer
1 x HiTemp140-TSK Data Logger
1 x Initial transport bag 20L
1 x EL-WiFi-TC Temperature Termocouple Sensor Data Logger
1 x IFC110 Interface Cable and software
1 x SoftFOX Software for Scanntronik loggers
1 x IFC200 USB Interface Cable and Software - Plug and play
1 x Rissfox mini
13.291,04 €
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