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Rissfox mini[RISM]

Rissfox mini[RISM]

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Rissfox Mini


Analysis of crack displacements, change of length as well as relative / absolute humidity and air temperature



Fully automatic recording of crack displacements, change of length, relative / absolute humidity and air temperature thanks to the high-resolution crack analysis sensor system and the revolutionary digital CMOSens® technology !


With the Rissfox Mini, you get one of the most advanced miniature data loggers of our time.

In its small shock-resistant and watertight housing it combines a high resolution 12-bit crack analysis electronic, an air temperature sensor and air humidity sensor, a RISC microcontroller, memory for up to 64000 measuring values and a real-time clock into an enormously powerful analysis system. The fully calibrated crack sensor which can be connected to the system is characterised by especially easy handling, small dimensions, high reliability as well as high precision.

After the fast and easy installation of the analysis sensor over the crack, the measuring system either starts automatically the measuring task previously programmed on the PC or is activated without contact via a magnetic switch. The data logger then records the measuring data at a freely adjustable rhythm.

The integrated high-speed crack monitoring allows reliable and precise detection of even shortest crack vibrations. For this purpose the system analyses the crack approximately 100 times per second and registrates the extremal values.

Together with the climate sensors, comprehensive and meaningful measuring data are available after a short while. The fully calibrated intelligent CMOSens® sensor for temperature and humidity is characterised in particular by its optimised long-time stability, high precision, reliability and extremely fast response time of less than 3 seconds. Laborious re-calibration is not necessary, because the sensor can simply be replaced directly on site if need be.

The batteries (AA) integrated in the data logger supply the system with power for up to two years and can be replaced easily at any time.

The data logger is programmed and evaluated with the universal
SoftFOX software under Microsoft Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP or Vista. After connecting the Rissfox Mini to the computer via a USB or serial interface cable, the system can be read out or configured immediately.

The software offers numerous general functions like the dynamic project management, graphical data analysis, computer controlled series of measurements, dew point calculation, export functions, automatic backup, flexible zoom, and much more. Furthermore, the data logger itself can be programmed according to the needs of the user. For this purpose many software functions are available e.g. setting the measurement rhythm (1 second up to 24 hours), fully automatic start-stop-operation or ring buffered data aquisition, alarm conditions for SMS alarm notification, acoustic alarm or telephone alarm, min/max-detection for a consistent registration of extremal values, setting the system clock, precise battery test, digital serial number and much more.

In addition to the data evaluation with the computer, it is possible to connect a flexible alarm system to the data logger. By this means e.g. a SMS notification can be transmitted when the crack displayment exceeds a predefined value. It is also possible to trigger a telephone alarm, when the air temperature or humidity falls/rises below/above a specified threshold. An accustic alarm buzzer is also available.

The fields of application for the Rissfox Mini are almost unlimited and range from building monitoring and damage assessment to structural condition analysis and monument protection to preventive maintenance, research and development etc.



  • Data memory for 16000 readings integrated (optional data memory for up to 64000 readings)
  • Measuring and storing rhythm (1 second to 24 hours) freely adjustable via pc sftware
  • Freely programmable fully automatic start-stop-operation or endless loop storage
  • Crystal oscillator controlled real-time clock and real-time calender integrated
  • Measuring range of the crack sensor: 10 mm (+/- 5mm)
  • Extended measuring range of the crack sensor e.g. 75mm available as customised version
  • Resolution of the crack sensor: 2.5µm = 0.0025mm = 0.0001inch
  • Length of the crack sensor cable: 2m (longer sensor cable available on request)
  • High-speed crack monitoring with up to 100 Hz can be activated
  • No mechanical torsion of the sensor, thanks to the complete decoupling of the stopper
  • Sensor zeroing (tara function) and system start via activation magnet
  • Optional: Combined air temperature and humidity sensor (climate sensors) available
  • No calibration of the climate sensors necessary
  • Measuring range of the air temperature sensor: - 20°C to 70°C
  • Measuring range of the humidity sensor: 0 %rH to 100 %rH (dew free)
  • Resolution of both climate sensors: 0.1 °C / 0.1 %rH
  • Measuring accuracy of the air temperature sensor: <0.4 °C at 20 °C
  • Measuring accuracy of the humidity sensor: <3.0 %rH between 20 %rH and 80 %rH
  • Optional: Climate sensor with a measuring accuracy of < 1.8 %rH and < 0.3 °C
  • Repeatability of both climate sensors: 0.1 °C / 0.1 %rH
  • Long term stability of the air temperature sensor: <0.04 °C per year
  • Long term stability of the humidity sensor: <0.5 %rH per year
  • Dew point calculation available via pc software (also for thresholds different to 100 %rH)
  • Automatic min/max monitoring for gapless registration of extreme climatic values
  • Alarm output for SMS alarm system, acoustic alarm system, telephone alarm system etc.
  • Numerous other external sensors available for the data logger (e.g. 8 x object temperature)
  • Calibration certificates available on request
  • Measuring data preserved via EEPROM memory even without batteries
  • Power supply via two standard AA batteries
  • Battery lifetime up to two years (see configuration). Batteries can be replaced at any time
  • Shock-resistant and watertight data logger housing. Wall-mounting possible (screws concealed)
  • Data logger dimensions: 88 x 120 x 50 mm (HxWxD)

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