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Solartent® Professional zaščita pred soncem[Profesional]

Solartent® Professional zaščita pred soncem[Profesional]

Vaša cena : 608,78 €
Količina :

The PROFESSIONAL solar tent

the perfect long-term solution for professional users

The PROFESSIONAL provides a permanent, ongoing solution for applications in the sand and is secured 30 – 50 centimeters below the sand (or other suitable surface). It can be customized to your individual length, width and height requirements using the optimum fortification system. The width and height of the standard version are each 200 cm; the height can vary between 200 – 220 cm. The PROFESSIONAL is ideal for hotels, bathing beaches, beach restaurants, etc. With protection factor 60 in accordance with UV Standard 801.

  • Weight 12.5 kg (25 lb) / wind resistance up to 7 Beaufort
  • Set up size: length 200 cm x broad 250 cm x heigth between 200 and 220 cm (6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 up to 7 ft)
  • Made by: coated Polyester, Aluminum 6063, Nylon and stainless steel


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