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TR-72nw-H Wired LAN Temperature and Humidity datalogger[TR72nwH]

TR-72nw-H Wired LAN Temperature and Humidity datalogger[TR72nwH]

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TR-71U/TR-72U Thermo Recorders are data loggers capable of measuring, displaying and recording temperature and humidity data.
TR-71U has two temperature channels and TR-72U has one temperature and one humidity channel. TR-73U has a total of three channels: one temperature, one humidity, and one barometric pressure channel.

These compact, lightweight models are designed for low energy consumption for longer battery life; coupled with its easy-to-use software and USB connection makes this series the foundation of our Thermo Recorder line.

The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensor and software. Simply by connecting to a computer and carrying out a few easy steps, the measurement and recording of data can be started.

TandD's TR-71U/72U/73U and TR-51S/52S have been tested for electro-magnetic radiation and confirmed to comply with the requirement of RTCA TO-160E, Section 21: Emission of Radio Frequency Energy.

RTCA stands for "Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics", a not-for-profit corporation formed to advance the art and science of aviation and aviation electronic systems for the benefit of the public, helps to develop standards to assure the safety and reliability of all airborne equipment. (

The "DO-160E", published by RTCA, is widely used as a standard for environmental qualification testing to show compliance with appropriate airworthiness requirements. "Section 21 of DO-160E" concerns the "Emission of Radio Frequency Energy". The tests in this section are performed to determine that the device does not emit radio frequency interference in excess of the specified limits. Every carry-on electronic device must comply with radio frequency emission and susceptibility guidelines outlined in "Section 21 of the RTCA DO-160E" document, whether it flies in the passenger cabin or cargo hold. The "DO-160E" is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a de facto for international standard "ISO-7137".


USB Connection
Our easy-to-use USB computer connection makes things not only simple, but allows you to connect several units at the same time.
Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Channels of Data
With the attached software it is possible to view current measurements and current trends in a changing graph form. Graphs can be opened for the same number of units as are connected and can be simultaneously viewed.
Large Data Capacity: 8,000 Readings x2 Channels (TR-73U:8,000 x3 Channels)
Each unit is equipped with a large data capacity of 8000 readings x 2 channels for TR-71U/72U and 8000 readings x 3 channels for TR-73U.
Accurate, Compact, Lightweight and Affordable
Our exclusive design and technology has allowed us to create a highly accurate yet compact and lightweight unit (55x88x24mm 95g) that is unbelievably affordable.
One Year Continual Use on One Set of Battery
Using our specially designed low energy consumption circuit this unit can run on two AA alkaline battery for up to one year of continued use. No need to worry about where you place it as the battery will allow you to measure and record over long periods of time whether the unit is in transit or in a distant place.
Battery life will depend on the recording environment, recording interval, communication frequency, and ambient temperature. The above battery life test was carried out using brand new batteries and in no way do we guarantee a battery's life.
Adjustment Function
By setting adjustment values beforehand, you can record and display the post-adjusted measurement values.
High Speed Data Transfer
Possible to transmit one unit of full data (8,000 readings) to computer in about 8 seconds.
Sensor Platinum Resistance Electrostatic Capacitance
Measurement Channels Temperature 1ch Humidity 1ch
Measurement Units °C, °F %RH
Measurement Range Internal Sensor
External Sensor -30 to 80°C 0 to 99%RH
Accuracy ±0.3°C 
at 0 to 50°C 
at all other temperatures
at 25°C, 10 to 85%RH 
at 25°C, 0 to 10%RH or 85 to 99%RH 
For temperatures other than 25 °C and between 0 °C and 80 °C, add ±0.1 %RH per degree difference from 25. 
Humidity Hysteresis: ±1.5%RH or lower*1
Measurement Resolution 0.1°C 0.1%RH
Responsiveness Response Time (90%): Approx. 7 min. Response Time (90%): Approx. 20 sec.
LCD Display Items Measurements (fixed or alternating display), Battery Warning Mark, etc.
Logging Capacity 8,000 data sets (One data set consists of readings for all channels in that type of unit.)
Recording Interval Select from 15 choices: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec. or 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min.
Recording Mode Endless (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full) or One Time (Stop recording when capacity is full)
Auto-upload Interval Select from 15 choices: OFF (No auto-upload), 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 min. or 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24 hrs.
Communication Interfaces

Wireless LAN Communication


Standard: IEEE 802.11b 
Security*2: WEP (64bit/128bit), WPA-PSK(TKIP), WPA2-PSK(AES) 
WPS 2.0: Push Button Configuration 
Protocol: HTTP*3, DHCP, DNS

Wired LAN Communication


100BASE-TX/10BASE-T (RJ45 Connector) 
Protocol: HTTP*3, DHCP, DNS

USB Communication


USB 2.0 Mini-B connector
Power AA Alkaline Battery × 2 (AA Ni-MH batteries may also be used), USB Bus Power (5V 200mA), 
PoE IEEE 802.3af (TR-7nw only)
Battery Life*4 With LAN communication: Approx. 10 days to 1.5 years *5 
Without LAN communication: Approx. 1.5 years
Dimensions H 58 mm × W 78 mm × D 26 mm
Weight TR-7wf: Approx. 55 g 
TR-7nw: Approx. 65 g
Operating Environment Temperature: -10 to 60°C *6 Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Accessories*7 High Precision Temperature-Humidity Sensor (HHA-3151) × 1, AA Alkaline Battery (LR6) × 2, Registration Code Label, USB Mini-B Cable (US-15C), Manual Set (Warranty Included)
software TR-7wf/nw for Windows, T&D Graph, T&D Thermo
Compatible OS *8

PC Software

Microsoft Windows 8 32/64bit *9 
Microsoft Windows 7 32/64bit 
Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit (SP1 or later) 

Mobile App

Android OS, iOS
Display Languages *10 English
  • *1: When used in environments where temperature and humidity are over the values of 50°C 75%, 60°C 50%, 70°C 35%, and 80°C 25%, sensor hysteresis may fluctuate by values greater than ±1.5%RH. Under certain circumstances, it may take some time to return to normal measurement capability.
  • *2: The WPS feature is not available when WEP(64bit/128bit) or WPA-PSK(TKIP) is selected in Access Point Settings. If you wish to use the WPS feature, please select WPA2-PSK(AES) or disable wireless security.
  • *3: HTTP client. Proxy supported (for firmware version 1.05 or above for TR-7wf).
  • *4: Battery life varies depending upon multiple factors including frequency of communication, LAN environment, ambient temperature, recording interval, and battery performance. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life.
  • *5: Approx. 10 days when Auto-upload Interval is 1 min, 1 yr when 1 hr, 1.5 yrs when 12 hrs or more.
  • *6: -10 to 45°C when using external power (PoE or USB). (for TR-7nw)
  • *7: Software is not included in the package, but can be downloaded free of charge from the download page.
  • *8: For installation, it is necessary to have Administrator (Computer Administrator) rights.
  • *9: If you are using Windows 8, please note that our software is designed to be used in "Desktop" mode only.
  • *10: We recommend using an operating system in the same language as the display language. Operation in different languages is not guaranteed.

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