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RTR-500BW Network in Wifi sprejemnik[RTR500BW]

RTR-500BW Network in Wifi sprejemnik[RTR500BW]

Vaša cena : 367,10 €
Količina :


USB sprejemnik za vse RTR-500 serije merilnike.  

The RTR500BW can be combined with any of our RTR500B/RTR-500 series wireless data loggers. And up to 50 loggers can be registered for simultaneous use.

Device registration, recording settings, and network settings can be carried out using the PC software “RTR500BW for Windows” or the mobile app "T&D 500B Utility".

After connecting to a network via wired or wireless LAN, you can automatically send data to T&D WebStorage Service. T&D WebStorage Service makes it easy to check data, display graphs, and check warnings from your PC, smartphone or tablet. You can also have warning e-mails sent when a set limit is exceeded.

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