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Refund Policy


In compliance with the law of Consumer Protection Act in Slovenia, you can return the ordered goods without any reason. If you want to return the goods you ordered, please notify us within 15 days ( send an email to: ), after doing so, you have 30 days to return the goods.

Returned goods must not be damaged in any way and must be returned in same quantity as ordered and in original package. You can not return the following items; software, CD's, DVD's or if you have removed the security label on the device if such. The return delivery fees are on behalf of the customer.

For the returned goods you can get you money back. We will refund your money in 15 days after getting the goods back on customers personal bank account or on company account if a client would be a company.



Buyer can claim back the item if the item doesn't have all the attributes as described in item description, if the seller would ship out wrong goods, or in wrong quantity or colour or if the item delivered somehow doesn't fit in buyer's order.

Buyer can claim back goods in 8 days after the purchase and can demand an immediate exchange for a new product.

In case of claiming goods back, the buyer can in compliance with the law demand for item exchange, item repair or money back.

Buyer can return the claimed goods in the following way:
- to bring it in person in our store in Ljubljana
- send the goods back on seller's expenses, but only if it's agreed in advance with the seller! We will not accept any buy back parcels if it's not agreed in advance !


Company REPA will ensure that all accepted orders will be processed in shortest possible time. You will receive an email for every change in your order status, just to keep you informed.
Company REPA,  can reject any received order if it finds that the order could not be processed. If that happens, we will thoroughly inform you why this happened and will help you find a common solution.


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1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TH+ Temperature & Humidity Sensor Data Logger
1 x MicroTemp Miniature Submersible Temperature Recorder
1 x ThermoTrack Controller
1 x External temperature sensor 15 m
1 x TR-72wf Wireless LAN Temperature and Humidity datalogger
1 x Thermofox multi-senzor Datalogger
1 x Thermal Compound
1 x External temperature sensor 1,5m
1 x Memory 64.000 points
1 x Thermofox Mini Datalogger
1 x Low Temperature External Sensor 1,5 m
1 x TCTemp1000 Rugged Thermocouple Based Temperature Recorder
1 x HiTemp140 AutoClave Temperature Recorder
1 x IFC200 USB Interface Cable and Software - Plug and play
2 x TR-72nw Wired LAN Temperature and Humidity datalogger
1 x TJ36-CASS-316U-12-SMPW-M
1 x RHTemp2000 Humidity and Temperature Recorder With LCD
1 x QuadTemp2000 4 Channel Thermocouple Temperature Logger with LCD
1 x TEMP MATE S1 V2 USB Single Use Datalogger
1 x Infrared Laser thermometer IR 650-12D
1 x Frizbox 393 72h
1 x Surface External Temperature Sensor 3 m
1 x Work Tent 250 TE
1 x 22L PACKAGE EN 12830
1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TH Temperature & Humidity Sensor Data Logger
1 x EL-DataPad Handheld Programmer and Data Collector
1 x Initial transport bag 12L with gel packs
2 x EL-WiFi-Alert Sensor Monitoring System
1 x EL-USB-2- LCD Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point Data Logger
1 x H-button 23
1 x EL-USB-2+ High Accuracy Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point Da
1 x EL-USB-2 USB datalogger for temperature, humidity and dewpoint
2 x ThermoTrack WEBSERVE 21 CFR Part 11
1 x ThermoTrack PRO V8 21 CFR Part 11
1 x TR-76Ui Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Datalogger
1 x Solartent® Easy
1 x Surface External Temperature Sensor 1,5 m
1 x Memory 16.000 points
1 x Hygrofox Datalogger
1 x Core Sensor
1 x T-button 22L EN 12830
1 x Leaf Wetness Data Logging System LF101A
1 x Pulse101A Pulse counter/totalizer and recorder
1 x RTDS-4-3/16-6-36
1 x RTR-505-V Wireless Compact Waterproof Puklse and Contact Signal
1 x QuadState 4 channel state recorder
1 x IFC110 Interface Cable and software
1 x TransiTempII-RH Rugged humidity and temperature recorder
1 x ThermoTrack ONLINE V.2
2 x EL-MOTE-DTC Wireless Dual Channel Thermocouple Data Logger
1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TC Temperature Probe Sensor Data Logger
1 x EL-MOTE-T TWireless Temperature Data Logger
1 x Soap for Automatic Soap Dispenser
1 x EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP Temperature Probe Sensor Data Logger
1 x Automatic Controlled Spray Dispensers
1 x Voltfox Mini datalogger
2 x ETR110 Exhaust Temperature Profiling Kit
1 x T-button 22T
2 x Volt101A-160mV Low level, differential input, DC voltage recorde
1 x Horizontal Babychanger
1 x pHTemp101 pH and temperature recorder
1 x Initial transport bag 20L
1 x Oxybaby 6.0 oxygen measuring device
1 x Automatic Soap Dispenser
2 x Frizbox 118 72h
1 x AVS140-1 Autoclave Validation Data Logging System
1 x RTR-547 Wireless Compact Waterproof Temperature, RH, Illuminance
2 x Key fobe
1 x TR-76Ui-H High Precision Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Datalogger
1 x TR-72wf-H Wireless LAN Temperature and Humidity datalogger
1 x Mini Printer for Scanntronik Loggers
1 x Thermofox Maxi Datalogger
1 x Key fobe
1 x Frizbox 1181 96h
1 x Solartent® Easy for Two
1 x Frizbox 643 72h
1 x PRTC110 Differential Pressure and Thermocouple Temperature Recor
1 x EL-WiFi-TH+ Temperature & Humidity Sensor Data Logger High Accur
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